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- The Saint Makers: Contemporary Santeras Y Santeros, by Chuck and Jan Rosenak, Northland Publishing, 1998

- Our Saints Among Us, by Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts, LPD Press, 1998

- Cuando Hablan los Santos, Contemporary Traditions from Northern New Mexico, University of New Mexico Press. (Catalog for traveling how)

- Spanish New Mexico, The Spanish Colonial Arts Society Collection, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1996

- The Regis Santos, by Thomas J. Stele, S.J., Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts, LPD Press, 1997

- Crafting Devotions, Tradition in Contemporary New Mexico Santos, by Laurie Beth Kalb,  University of New Mexico Press, 1994

- Across Frontiers, Hispanic Crafts of New Mexico, by Dexter Cirillo, Chronicle Books 1998

- Sao Caetano Thiene, by Giovanni B. Mattoni, CR, Impressos Gril, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Connexiones, selections from the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, 2002

- Saints & Seasons, A Guide to New Mexico's Most Popular Saints, by Ana Pacheco, La Herencia, 2005

- Collected Works By Gustavo Victor Goler, 2011

- SAINTS, SANTO, SHRINES.  John Annerio. 2013

- The Couse Collection of Santos.  Text by Barbara Shultz with Charlene Tamayo with special essay by Gustavo Victor Goler. 2013

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